Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Let me know who among you have cleared the initial hurdle.Those who have done must not be complacent and those who haven't must realize that this is not the end of the world.You must get ready for the next battle.Just One battle is lost,not the war.Anyways, would like you to reply in the comments section.


  1. congratulations to you first,
    I too have been able to cross the first stage.Your post are good.Hope we all may cross other stages with flying colours.

  2. Congrats Sir!!!
    congrats chandrakant as well
    And Sir i have lost the battle but i m sure that i will win the war not this but next year definitely God bless both of u!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Shikha.You'll definitely clear next time.My wishes are always with u.And @Chandrakanth,buddy,let's make it a shot of a lifetime.Wish u all the best.

  4. Congrats to all of you,best of luck for your future hurdles.My battle gonna start next year.

  5. Congrats to Sir and Chandrakant. Wish you all the best. I am joining thariq and shikha for the next year battle.

    And sir your site followers has doubled since i joined. It has really become a popular site for IAS aspirants. Congrats for that as well.

  6. Sir,
    I have cleared prelims..
    This is my first attempt..
    your articles are really very useful..

  7. Well done Poonguzhali...Now get ready for the tougher battle.All the best.You will succeed.

  8. Best of Luck to both Vinit and Thariq.

  9. i have cleared ist hurdle. its my 3rd attempt.. all d best

  10. ALL THE BEST TO Saptarshi, chandrakanth and Poonguzhali....Hope God ll be with you for the next battle to come by..!!

  11. All the very best to all of you guys. I am going to appear for first time next year.

    Saptarshi : Now you have to manage two set of people viz. people appearing in mains this year and those appearing in prelims next year. All the very best and thanks for all your efforts.

  12. All the very best of luck to everybody who have cleared....i will be attempting next year........Shikha,Vinit,Thariq and Sachin lets get ready for the next battle...........

  13. sir,
    i dint cleared my prelims,i dont know wat went wrong with gs paper i was unable to do maximum in it ,i would like to know how you managed for gs like....u never got a question which u thought you dint hav any idea,or you had command overall,plz............sir ,if you can guide ppl like me for general studies it will b of great help,
    thanking you,

  14. I would like others who have cleared prelims to share some ideas to help out Kanishka and others.I have already shared some thoughts.Its now your turn to share.So guys please post some ideas here.

  15. Battle may be lost but one should try to win the war.So those who could not make it this time should introspect and work harder,and those who hve made it must not feel complacent.This exam has three stage and every stage is independent of previous.Succes at one first stage doesnt makes one extra inteligent than one who fails.Be + and keeping going.

  16. Since GS is very vast, dont try to look for everything.
    What I strongly feel is that, there is pattern in UPSC questions which will be understood by studying in synk with previous year question paper.
    These papers will be your best guide for the preparation.

  17. Sir,
    If u put some tips for mains it will be very useful for all.

  18. sir,
    can you suggest few tips as how to prepare for prelims spl.. for gen.stu.. if you could give few books names and sm standard mags that will do.i know u hav mentioned fr one visitor that u hav already dealt with it but still i request you to give few suggestions for gen .stu..ar you can send your reply to kritika.s913@gmail.com.......
    thank u

  19. plz...........if anyone can help me with gen.studies guys help me!

  20. sir can u pls tell me some internet resources of international organisation

  21. nice nd very helpful blog...........

    congratulations who cleared prelims......best of luck for mains nd interview.........

    m 19 this time so full two years m under your guidence........plz keep sharein yor experience...thanx

  22. Thanks vinod.
    I am atttempting next year for the first time. Regarding GS paper what i am doing is reading 2 newspaper regularly(The Hindu and Deccan Chronicle) and 2 weekly's India Today and outlook. and Frontline which is published twice a month.

    While reading newspaper I read first page, editorials, national, international news thoroughly. then comes Business and sports and at last the regional news(not in detail unless there is some very imp event).
    I think Saptarsi sir has send me a book "How to crack IAS". Here are some lines from that book which i think is very useful.

    "The exam can be cleared when the preperation is simple and the aspirant is strong with basic clarity...Basic clarity will come when there is lot of questioning while studying. the topic has to be studied in a logical manner. Suppose you are studying a topic on "inflation". Think logically as a layman,
    1.What is inflation
    2.Why should there be inflation i.e causes
    3.So what if there is inflation i.e impact
    4.if impact is negative then naturally we should be doing something to reduce it, so what steps were taken and what happened
    5.if still there is inflation the what's wrong with the steps taken
    6.How to control inflation, any suggestion by experts and recent developments..."

    All the best to every1.

  23. Thanks for your wish sir,


    Which are your aptionals?

  24. For me there was no problem in choosing the first optional which is History. But for the second optional i was confused between Geography and PA. Now i have decided to go with PA. Because firstly it will help me gain indepth understanding of how administration works. This will also help me in interview. Also majority of candidates(336) who got selected last year had opted this subject as one of their optionals.

  25. Hi Saptarshi,

    Congratulations! Excellent work! Thank you for this site too. What are your optionals? It would be great if you could also write about them.

    Another suggestion: it would help immensely if you could write a few sample answers, just so that 1st timers like me can get an idea of what kind of answers are expected.

    thanks again!

  26. i can not clear pre...i dont what went wrong...anybody have idea wht was the cutoff this time coz i always felt am in safer zone but result dont prove the same.

  27. saptarshi sir,i sought some help regarding second optional...i have send u a mail,plz reply to it.thnxzz