Saturday, August 1, 2009


The famous microbiologist Dr. Michael F. Jacobson coined the phrase "Junk Food" in 1972 to describe unhealthy or non-nutritious food. Junk food contains little or zero nutritious value to the diet - it contains too much unnecessary calories and fat which are useless and harmful to human health.

Junk food has been a part of the consumer culture for years and now it has become an addiction for many people.Junk foods are very convenient to purchase and consume, which is one reason that millions of busy people don't think about a healthy diet or spend the time to prepare healthy meals. Junk food is also very popular among children, and with every passing day, its addiction is increasing.Moreover,spending millions of bucks by the corporates in advertisement to promote junk food as symbol of modern lifestyle is also another reason for its sky high popularity.

The effects of junk food are as below




Heart diseases

High blood pressure

To conclude, it can be said that junk foods can be used occasionally, but using them on a regular basis is very unhealthy and harmful.

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