Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Samantha, the koala which drew the attention of the entire world after the video and photographs showing a firefighter named Davis Tree rescuing her from the deadly bush fire that destroyed huge areas and killed hundreds of human beings and millions of animals apart from huge property losses in the Victoria province of Australia six months ago was published in the media, finally succumbed to death a few days back.

Her death moved the international communities.And everyone aware of the incidence must have shed at least a drop of tear for the loss of the little animal which became synonymous with courage, compassion and agony.The 4-year-old koala had developed the cysts associated with urogenital chlamydiosis, which affects more than 50 percent of Australia's koala population.Although it fought bravely against second degree burns, the ovarian cysts finally defeated her in the battle for life which, thanks to excellent work done by the media, has now become an inspiration to millions all over the world.The loss was so heavy that even the Prime Minister of Australia lamented on her death with moist eyes and a choked voice.

Question is, why the death of this little animal has become such a widely published news? Two reasons, first: Davis Tree who saved her life set an example of humanity by providing the cute animal bottles of water and rescuing her from the danger of being perished in the bush fire.The picture along with this article conveys the message.Isn't it a wonderful act of apologizing to the animal world? Secondly, the bush fire which wrecked havoc on Victoria province shows how incapable we still are in managing disasters.Environmentalists in Australia have hinted that may be after the calamity, many of the rare species of the province have now become extinct.Add to it the heavy toll of human lives and property losses.

Last but not the least the little Koala in her six month long battle for life has taught us how to fight against the odds.Even second degree burns could not have stopped the unrelenting spirit of the little animal.She may be gone but her death and popular sympathy associated with that will now urge the human communities to become more responsible, more dutiful and more compassionate.Sam, your life will not go in vain.

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