Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Global governance in a broad sense refers to the efforts directed towards preservation of peace,promotion of human and civil rights and economic prosperity across the world.In the era of globalization, this term has acquired wider significance.

The 21st century has seen terrorism on a scale never experienced before.Incidences like 9/11 or 11/26 have shaken the very base of the world.Civil wars have torn many nations apart.Global warming has reached an alarming level.Selfish economic policies of a few nations have made poorer nations suffer.It is in this context that the importance of global governance has been realized by many thinkers of the world.However it must not be confused with the term"World Government".In fact it is the coordination of the efforts of all the governments to keep aside narrow interests and strive for overall prosperity of the world in socio economic and environmental matters.The unidirectional approach towards global governance is based on a few principles.These include-legitimacy of the use of power and its rooting,respect for other nations' sovereignty,competence and efficacy,cooperation and partnership,linking local demands with global ones to name a few.

However various challenges are ahead of the mammoth task of making Global Governance a reality.First of all it is essential to carry out reforms in the global institutions like UN, where still the grievances of the smaller nations are being ignored and majority of the decisions are being taken in the interest of the major nations like US or UK.Moreover in the age of so called"neoliberalism", organizations like WTO or IMF have to be more transparent in their governing policies so that economic interests of the poorer nations are not put at stake for the benefit of the big ones.Moreover there is an urgent need for coming to a global consensus for the restrictions to be imposed upon the industrialy developed nations for minimizing pollution.

Although the future of global governance does rosy, yet it is not impossible to achieve.What needed is the sense of cooperation among the bigger nations, so that a unilateral action plan can be chalked out.In the process, it is essential to shed off various prejudices that have so far isolated many nations from the world.Only with a greater degree of cooperation and better sense of brotherhood that the myth can be a soon be a reality.

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