Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Gujral Doctrine is a set of five principles as propounded by I.KGujral, former Prime Minister Of India to guide the conduct of India's relation with her neighbor states.In the recent years ,in the wake of the acts of hostility on India by its immediate neighbour Pakistan this has lost some of its significance.However it still remains as a model for guiding relationship with other smaller South Asian nations.

The principles of Gujral Doctrine includes
  • India should give and accommodate nations like Bangladesh,Bhutan,Sri Lanka,Nepal without any expectation of reciprocity
  • No south Asian nation should allow its soil to be used by the enemies of any of the nations o the region.
  • There should not be any interference in the internal affairs of the other nations
  • Mutual respect for each others territorial integrity and sovereignty.
  • Settlement of disputes by bilateral discussions
Moreover the doctrine also includes benign attitude towards Pakistan and relaxation of visa norms so as to ensure better people to people contact among the two nations.Moreover it has been alleged that winding up RAW was also one of the components of the doctrine.

The basic objective of the doctrine was to create an environment of mutual trust and friendship among the nations, where the weight and size of India are regarded by the nations positively and as an asset.Moreover it is also the proclamation of India's leadership for socio-cultural and economic integration of the region.

In the recent years the doctrine has faced severe criticism especially after the 26/11 incidence.It is also believed in many quarters that the doctrine was one of the cardinal reasons for the failure of the secret information services prior to the Kargil war.However,its importance in strengthening relationship with nations like Maldives,Bhutan ,Nepal can not be ignored while it must not be forgot that expectation of reciprocity should be the governing priciple in dealing with Pakistan.

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