Monday, June 29, 2009


AIDS stigma is omnipresent in the world in some form or the other, including ostracism,rejection, prohibition,quarantine of the affected individuals or even physical violence.And that is why social death of the individuals precedes the actual physical death.And very often such stigma works in conjunction with other stigma like promiscuity,perversion,homosexuality,drug abuse.

Such social reaction stems from some wrong preconceived notions and lack of awareness about AIDS and its causes.Number of misconceptions exist regarding how this disease is transmitted.There is a belief that this disease can be transmitted through casual contact.Another is that HIV can infect only homosexuals and drug dabblers.There is a popular belief that it can be cured by sexual contact with a virgin female.All these are wrong and it is only because of the existence of such misconceptions, very little progress has been made in combating this deadly disease or the socio cultural impacts of it.

Education towards responsibility should be the approach of the government to combat the deep soci0-psychological impact that this disease produces.Creation of awareness programs,increased expenditure for health care, active participation of NGOs and private sector, use of celebrities in spreading AIDS awareness,shedding away the prejudices against open discussion of sensitive topics like AIDS, homosexuality in the classrooms are the available options to successfully mitigate the social impacts of AIDS.Rationality must prevail if AIDS has to go.

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