Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Stealth technology also known as LO technology (low observable technology) is a sub-discipline of military electronic countermeasures which covers a range of techniques used with aircraft, ships, submarines, and missiles, in order to make them less visible (ideally invisible) to radar, infrared, sonar and other detection methods.Attacking with surprise gives the attacker more time to perform its mission and exit before the defending force can counter-attack.
The term "stealth" in reference to reduced radar signature aircraft became popular during the late eighties when the Lockheed Martin F-117 stealth fighter became widely known. The first large scale (and public) use of the F-117 was during the Gulf War in 1991. However, F-117A stealth fighters were used for the first time in combat during Operation Just Cause, the United States invasion of Panama in 1989.
Presently USA and Russia have acquired such technology while many other developed nations are in the quest for acquiring it.The use of such technology has revolutionized modern day warfare.Anti stealth detection system is yet to be developed.

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