Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A Vote Bank is a bloc of loyal supporters of a political party or a candidate from a specific community.The Vote Bank politics is therefore a kind of divisive politics to satisfy the needs of specific sections of the society while ignoring others.The term was coined by Indian Sociologist M.N.Srinivas in 1955.
Initially the phrase was used to define politics on the caste line, but gradually it encompassed other community characteristics like language,religion etc.With castle playing an important role in Indian politics and growth of regional political parties, Vote Bank Politics has been an important aspect of Indian political scenario.
However, it must be remembered that vote bank politics is basically politics of selfish reasons where development is not the objective, rather immediate gain, i.e, securing votes is the only guiding force.Thus, such politics has been the reason of India's backwardness in many aspects.Moreover, such politics has not resulted in stability of the governments in national or central level, causing India's socio-political system witnessing unstable growth.

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