Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Unorganized workers' Social Security Bill which has recently been passed by the Parliament is an evidence of the government's concern for unorganized workers who constitute a massive 94% of the total work force in the country and contribute to more than 60% of the GDP of India.According to the officials, the scheme will cover 34 crore workers in the next five century including agricultural workers and migrant laborers.This is being seen as one of the most important steps to alleviate the poverty of the workers in India.
Under this scheme each worker will be identified and registered and will be given a unique social security number and a social security card.All of them will be offered a number of social security benefits like health,life and disability insurance,old age pension,group accident scheme, maternity benefits etc.Registration of workers will be through the Worker Facilitation center. which will work through various worker facilitation agencies. Each worker will pay a nominal sum and will obtain an unique social security card and number.The entire scheme will work through Central Social Security Authority.
The Scheme promises to ameliorate the age old pangs of the unorganized workers who even sixty years after independence continue to be oppressed by socio-economic forces.Only time will tell whether it remains a paper tiger or becomes the Saviour of the workers.

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