Saturday, September 19, 2009


3G or 3rd Generation Technology is the latest technology for the up gradation of mobile phone services.It simultaneously enables to transfer voice and non voice data like downloading or uploading,sending and receiving e-mails and instant messaging.The bandwidth needed for 3G is 5 to 20 MhZ.The maximum download speed provided is 14.4 Mbps whereas upload speed may be as high as 5.8 Mbps.The highlight of 3G service is video telephony.This will provide the service providers the opportunity to provide better quality service over a large number of subscribersIt promises to improve mobile phone operational standards in India by providing better network connectivity,fascilitation of e-governance and e-commerce services, thereby bridging the urban-rural techno divide.The technology followed in 3G is IMT 2000,endorsed and accredited by International Telecommunication Union.Presently the Government of India has allowed five foreign players to bid for 3G Spectrum.The floor price is $20.20 billion.In 2009, BSNL launched its 3G service in India, although the response even after half a year has not been satisfactory.Many hazards like high operation cost, health hazards due to excessive electromagnetic waves are some of the reasons behind its lack of popularity in the initial periods despite having tremendous potentials for future.

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