Saturday, September 19, 2009


Super computer is basically a computer with higher processing capacity and therefore it is able to do calculations at much faster rate than the normal computers.It is required for calculation intensive tasks like molecular modelling,weather forecasting,nuclear researches,quantum mechanics etc.It is widely used in military researches,weather houses or various research organizations and universities.The speed of Super computers is denoted by FLOPS along with certain prefixes like TFLOPS(tera FLOPS),PFLOPS(Peta FLOPS) etc.A particular problem "Grand Challenge" requires semi infinite computer resources and thereby needs super computers.Such computer use variants of LINUX or UNIX as Operating systems.Presently IBM's Road Runner is the fastest super computer in the world.Blue Gene is a Computer architectural Project to design and build super computers.India's EKA installed in Computational Research Laboratory(CRL) is world's 4th fastest super computer.C-DAC'S Pram Padma is the first super computer of India.The challenges before super computers are that these become heated very early and as the process and integrate data very fast, there is need for more works on external storage bandwidth.

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