Saturday, September 12, 2009


LASER or light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is spatially coherent which means that the light is emitted in narrow, low divergent beams  or can be converted into ones by using optical tools like lenses,unlike other lights where the light is spatially incoherent.Theodore Maiman demonstrated the first working laser back in 1960.Since then it has become multi billion dollar industry.
   Laser uses a gain medium inside a highly reflective optical cavity.Light which passes through the cavity becomes amplified.It may be electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, not necessarily visible.This feature is used for security purposes.Laser is usually labeled with a safety class number to avoid any danger.
   The single largest use of laser is in optical storage devices such as compact discs where a semiconductor laser less than 1 mm wide scans the whole disc.Besides, it is widely used in fibre optics communication.It is being used inmedical technolgy as well for blood less surgery, kidney stone treatment, hair removal,eye treatment etc.In research laser spectroscopy is a popular field.Laser shows are popular during various festivals and ceremonies.In product development it is widely used in developing pointer mouses, printers,scanners etc.In defence, laser is gradually replacing rader for locating targets.In industry laser is used for weilding,cutting or marking.

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