Thursday, September 10, 2009


  • Presently there are 20 million child labor in India, and out of this 85% belong to rural areas or unorganized sectors
  • India's child labor policy is consistent with the International Labor Conference Resolutions,1979
  • It is a socio cultural menace 
  • Article 24 prohinits employment of children in mines or other hazardous activities
  • Child labor( Prohibition and Regulation) act, 1986 seeks to regulate employment of children in hazardous activities
  • The Directive Principles of Sate Policy also seeks to regulate Child Labor in India
  • India is signatory to 36 conventions of ILO on Child Labor
  • India adopted its first policy on Child Labor in 1974 in consonance with the UN Declaration on Child Rights,1959
  • To monitor the working of various rules and regulations on Child Labor, National Authority for elimination of Child Labor was established under the chairmanship of the Union Labor Minister
  • However despite all such efforts real scenario is gloomy as there have been hardly any efforts to regulate unorganized child labor
  • Of the total workforce in India, share of child labor is 12.1%
  • In the carpet industry of Mirzapur, more than 25,000 children are employed in hazardous occupatios
  • In the matchstick industries of Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu around 40,000 children are employed
  • The efforts of the girl children in hazardous occupations are rarely counted as they are considered as mere helpers not workers

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