Sunday, September 6, 2009


Any social group that seeks to influence the behaviour of the authority without capturing formal control of governance, is known as pressure group.It is a medium available for the common people to dictate the course of affairs in the government.The political right of citizens is limited to exercising the power of casting vote after a certain time gap.Such democratic deficit is compensated by the existence of pressure groups.Thus pressure groups act as medium of communication between government and the citizens.

Lobbying is a common method to create pressure on government.Sending representation to the legislature or any department to influence policy making is called lobbying.Use of media,publication of books,demonstrations, pamphlets are the other techniques.Such groups are broadly classified four types- institutional,associational,non associational,anomic.

In India such groups often use techniques like candle light protests,hartal, gherao etc.The politics of coalition has made such groups even more prominent in india.

To sum it up, such groups accelerate social development,prevents stagnation and increases social cohesion by providing outlet of popular grievances.

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  1. Pressure Groups are association of people who influnce policy decision in government.Though they are not constitution,statutory or and legal but still exercise considerable impact on government because they negoitate with them for the common interest.
    It save interest of poor and weaker section of society as it help them to negoiate with richer section through trade union.That association is not necesarily positive in nature like lobbying of plastic manufacturer who resist any change in policy who adversely affect there interset.
    In short we can say that If pressure group use constructively then it can well directed and growth oriented movement to our country