Saturday, September 19, 2009


GPS is the only fully functional navigational satellite system in the world.It is a collection of 24 medium earth orbit satellites that permit precise microwave signals that enables GPS to track their locations,directions and speed.It was first developed by the US Dept of military Defense.However presently it is being used for both civil and military purposes.Its EU counterpart Gallileo, Russian GLONASS,Chinese COMPASS or Indian IRNSS have not been as effective as it.

In military GPS allows to track location in dark or unfamiliar terrains and therefore helps in coordination of movements of the army.It also helps in target tracking,missile or projectile guidance and map creation.In the civilian field it is used as surveyor's tool and aid to navigation because of its ability to track locations of objects.It also helps in studying different layers of the environment and also to measure the motion of faults during earthquake.It helps in synchronization of clocks in critical observations and calculations.This property is extensively used in various CDMA phones.

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