Monday, September 14, 2009


Yashpal Committee was appointed to look into various aspects of higher education of India and very recently the committee submitted its recommendations.Apart from criticizing modern system of education and mismanagement and negligence on the part part of the government to promote higher education, the committee has made a few recommendations for the up gradation of the existing system of higher education in India.Below are some of the recommendations

  • The committe talks about the establishment of a National Commission for Higher Education and Research which will subsume the role of as many as 13 government bodies and councils like the UGC,MCI or AICET which supervise higher education in India

  • The committee is critical of the accreditation of granting deemed university status to mushrooming institutes and observes that while during the period of 1956 to 199 only 29 institutes were granted deemed university status, in the past 15 years as many as 63 institutes were granted the same status. 

  • The Committee stressed on improvement of the educational standard in the undergraduate level and recommended that the IITs and IIMs should expand their scopes by including arts and humanities subjects

  • The committee was critical of allowing numerous foreign institutes to open their business in India and held that while these institutes are unheard of in their lands, they are earning a lot here and damaging our educational system.The Committee recommended that such institutes if want to stay in India must provide and Indian degree of education and not foreign one.

  • The committee was critical of profit driven private institutions and asked the need for "different layers of institutions", i.e. state run, private and Public private partnership etc.
    • The committee also stressed on the integration of education and research.

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