Saturday, July 25, 2009


Amnesty International is a non governmental international organization with the objective of prevention of violation of human rights and demanding justice for those whose rights have been violated.Headquartered in London, it was established in 1961 by Peter Benenson.It has received Nobel Prize for Peace in 1977 and UN Human Rights Prize in 1978.Presently Irene Khan is the Secretary General of the organization.

Of the many activities of Amnesty International, most noteworthy is its role in protesting human rights violation in various prisons across the world, especially in camps like Guantanamo Bay Prison Camp or Abu Ghraib.It has argued constantly in favor of abolition of Death penalty and punitive actions like "Code Red".Its role in securing the rights of the children and women also have earned accolades.It vehemently opposed the apartheid regime in South Africa.It has over the years raised concerns over the socio-cultural and economic impacts of globalisation.It has also done a commendable job in securing the rights of the refugees.Most recently it has been vocal in protesting against the conducts of Israel and Palestinian Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Despite many of the good deeds done, Amnesty International very often faces criticism especially from USA and the allies for biased approach towards various political or economic issues.Moreover, it is often accused of supporting the causes of the criminals and terrorists.It has faced harsh criticism from the Catholic Church for its stance on abortion.

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