Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The so called "Racial" attack on the Indians by the Australians presents a perfect case where much energy is wasted in blame game and debating while very less is used in action.Over the last few months there has been much debate over whether such attack is racial or not and analyzing the history of Australia to add more spices in the story line,while very few people have come up with constructive suggestions on what ought to be done.

The Government of India has done what it should have done.Criticizing the act while asking their Australian counterpart to take necessary action to check further occurrence of such untoward incident.However, we must not forget the fact that India has a lot of leverage in her diplomatic relation with Australia.Presently India is the fourth largest export market of Australia.Moreover, the defense and strategic tie between the two nations have also seen positive changes in the recent past.India therefore has to be a bit sharper in her tone while asking Australia to take immediate action to curb the menace.

The government of Australia too has to be pro active rather than just giving lip service.It must initiate some dialog process with the protesters there in Australia and come up with some ideas to arrange for the security of the Indian students therein.

However what disgusts an educated mature Indian is the role of Indian media in handling the situation.Our media has yet to learn to present news items in mature way.Very often news items are presented very much in the manner of a "Saas Bahu" serial with over dramatization of the events.The emotional quotient in most of the presentation is so high that audience is very often deprived of the real flavor of any incident.The media has been over zealous in presenting this event in such a way as if it is a war between India and Australia, especially because racism (since Shilpa Shetty-Jade Goody episode) and war are two most favorite topics of our media .It is indeed a serious issue and should be handled with more caution and sensitivity.,without any bias or prejudice as that would leave millions of Indians misinformed.and misguided.Blaming the entire nation for the mistakes of a few thugs tantamounts to foolishness to the highest extent.

Last but not the least, the incident presents before us an opportunity to introspect.It is when our students are being beaten up in a foreign land, we are awakening and protesting in every nook and corner of the country.Where was this sympathy when our students were being beaten up in our very own country, in state like Maharashtra?If we don't realize our folly and don't care for our integrity, our very own people, India might go down the history as a nation that failed as it did not care for the endearing values.

Note:This should be read as my opinion on the topic, not as an answer to any probable question.if any question on this topic is asked , I would suggest you to be bit more polite in your tone.Regards, Saptarshi.


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