Thursday, July 23, 2009


Intelligence is the ability to get informations which have been concealed by the opposite party.It is a key determinant of any nation's foreign policy as the availability of informations makes it easier for one nation to know about the hidden forces operating against its interest.Accordingly it can take necessary action or counteract the opposite forces.

In the present context spurt in terrorist activities has made "Intelligence" even more important in a nation's policy making.Moreover the need to survive and have an edge in the competitive economic market has also raised its importance.It is widely believed that the Kargil war was a failure of India's intelligence,as a result of which India could not take timely measures to prevent the intrusion.

The role of intelligence in building diplomatic relations is time tested.On the basis of it a nation can prioritize its foreign policy agenda.Failure of intelligence thus produces catastrophic effects on a nation's international image.The Iraq invasion by USA can be cited as one such example.Intelligence agencies of the super powers had much to do with the mounting international tension during the cold war era.

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