Monday, July 13, 2009

Victory of the West in Lebanon

The victory of the west backed coalition party in Lebanon, led by Sa'ad Hariri, son of the assassinated politician and business tycoon Rafiq al Hariri presents yet another clear picture of how the United States of America wants to influence the politics of West Asia.The west had branded the election as proxy fight over Iran for influence over Lebanese politics.The electoral results came as a surprise for the world as Hizbollah bloc, the main opposition and political ally of Iran in Lebanon was expected to achieve a thumping victory because of their popularity after their success in the war against Israel and for their reputation of effective governance.

However the west led by US maneuvered the political game well to ensure a victory for the March 14 Coalition( named after the day in 2005 when massive demonstration was held in Beirut against Syrian influence in Lebanese politics, shortly after the assassination of Rafiq Hariri).Prior to the election the US Vice President Joe Biden went to the tiny nation to display US solidarity with the March 14 coalition.The US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had warned Lebanon people of the possible implications if they failed to elect the west backed coalition.The apprehensions of losing US finances produced a strong psychological impact on the Lebanese voters.Moreover, US has been aggressive in criticizing Hizbollah for the past few years and has even branded as a"Terrorist Organization".The Lebanese expatriates flew to Lebanon to exercise their voting rights just prior to the election.Nearly $ 20 million was spent for their air tickets.The source of such funding still remains a mystery though it is widely believed that it was done by US to secure votes for their prote'ge.

Though US has been successful in wining the first round of the diplomatic war in Lebanon, the real challenge lies ahead.Hizbollah even after failing to gain a majority has retained its traditional seats.It still retains the veto power to influence major decisions.The "Party of God" has shown a nice gesture by conceding the defeat graciously and promising to help the victorious coalition for the betterment of the nation.If they show such level of maturity, US may not hold its influence over Lebanese politics for long.It is thus now a waiting game for Lebanon, for coming out of the external influence and build an independent domestic and foreign policy.For US, it will be a tough task to continue propping up the puppet party against Iran.


  1. This article gives me a sense of Hizbollah as a truly people's party contrary to what i believe. Need to read some more article on this issue. Will write back if i find anything relevant.


  2. Hello Vinit,
    To portray Hizbollah as a true people's party is not my intention.However, what disgusts me is America's unwanted interference in the middle east affairs.What we mostly perceive is what the Americans want us to do.Something has to be done with this if the new world order is to be estblished.

  3. hi saptarshi,
    thanks for posting.Yes saptarshi, you are right.America's interference in middle east has been increased since the gulf war.US should develop a good bilateral ties with countries rather than interfering the respective countries politics.