Thursday, July 16, 2009


The most popular definition of cyber terrorism is that " It is the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or further social, ideological, religious, political or similar objectives, or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives."

The increased reliance on the Internet by business, government and society has made it a prime target for terrorist intent on disrupting our economy and way of life.Security professionals have expressed their increasing concern over not only the increase in frequency of attacks against the Internet, but also the increase in the level of sophistication of these attacks.

The intention of a cyber terrorism attack could range from economic disruption through the interruption of financial networks and systems or used in support of a physical attack to cause further confusion and possible delays in proper response.Although cyber attacks have caused billions of dollars in damage and affected the lives of millions, we have yet witness the implications of a truly catastrophic cyber terrorism attack.

One example of cyberterrorists at work was when terrorists in Romania illegally gained access to the computers controlling the life support systems at an Antarctic research station, endangering the 58 scientists involved.In May 2007 Estonia was subjected to a mass cyber-attack in the wake of the removal of a Russian World War II war memorial from downtown Talinn.ven more recently, in October 2007, the website of Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko was attacked by hackers.Other examples include "Love Bug" or "Millennium Bug" virues.

The effects of cyber terrorism can be summed up as

Secret information appropriation and data theft
Privacy violation
Demolition of e-governance base which in turn can harm
(1) International relations;
(2) National security (including defiance) and public safety;
(3) Investigation, detection and prevention of crime;
(4)Information received in confidence from a source outside the Govt;
(5) Information about scientific discoveries".
Tarnishing the image of individuals
Network damage and disruption

In India The Information Technology Act ,2000 has given some ways to combat such form of terrorism.It must be noted that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has been designated as the single authority for issuing of instructions in the context of blocking of web sites.

Some suggested ways to combat cyber terrorism
• Global consensus on this menace and enacting comprehensive international laws to curb it
• Enhancing public awareness
• The judiciary must come forward with novel ideas to curb the menace
• The government sector must institute tougher penalties for cyber crimes and increased funding for law enforcement efforts to fight it. Easier said than done.This must be accomplished with a high degree of collaboration globally.




  1. hackers r far more advance then the technocrats...wht i feel is to devlope sum safety machenism to comabat hacking of sites of imp. personels say president n defence the same time i think imp department shld not publish security releated info for public viewing or better be it in the form of codding...a lot more to be done in this regard n the for most thing is to increase awareness.

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