Monday, July 27, 2009


The role of the United States over the years in India-Pakistan relation has been dubious.There has been much expectation from both the sides, but practically other than giving lip services or creating confusion by changing stance, US so far has not done anything major to play the role of a responsible mediator between the two nations,often hostile at each other.

Pakistan has often enjoyed leverage over India so far relation with USA is concerned.In the cold war era, it received US support by becoming an active member of the US backed South East Asian Treaty Organization(SEATO).India on the other hand, was often criticized for not being a party to American ambitions during the cold war phase.NAM,of which India was a party, was often criticized as being tantamount to non commitment and non involvement.The relationship worsened during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.The traditional friendship of the then USSR and India, kept India aloof from criticizing her traditional friend.On the other hand Pakistan joined hand with US to combat USSR invasion of the Afghan soil.It is only recently that India has been in the "Good Book" of USA and getting a treatment often enjoyed by Pakistan,courtesy the much talked about"Nuclear Deal".

US despite declaring war against international terrorism has been unusually silent when question came over branding Pakistan as a breeding ground of terrorism, a notion perceived by most of the nations.The so called "Four Pillar of US Policy on Kashmir" gives Pakistan an edge as it talks about Indian government's role in addressing the grievances of the Kashmiri people, whereas POK does not find any inportance at all in the policy.

The ambivalent attitude of the US after Mumbai blast of 1993 or even after 26/11 incident reflects its policy of "escapism" when its own interests are not at stake.Thus the only thing US reiterates after all the mych hyped visits of the high profile diplomats to these two nations is that US wants the Kashmir issue to be solved by these two nations themselves through dialogues.And even after verifying evidences suggeting Pakistan's role in spreading terrorism on Indian soil,it reiterates its faith in Pakistan's role in combatting terrorism.Sounds ludicrous but unfortunately the unipolarity of the world with US being the only superpower, does not allow India to give vent to her anger to such dualism.

Conflicts often get exacerbated due to duslism of the mediator.That is exactly what is happening in case of US role in India -Pakistan.US must come out of shell and present itself in a more responsible manner if it really wants peace in South East Asia.Rather than complicating the already gloomy situation,US must become a responsible communicator and strive for bringing peace among these nations.It is often very difficult to call a spade a spade, but responsibility brings with it difficulties, always.


  1. wht r those four pillars of us on kashmir?

  2. USA plays a crucial role in pakistan development from decades now.Both countries share good relation and USA provide maximum assistance to pakistan in vaious fields such as finance,defence,science and technology,trade etc.
    With LPG policy now India emrges as one of the fastest growing economies USA give due consideration to India and establish a good repo which was absent since cold war era due to India's non alligment movement.
    USA keen to mediate between India and pakistan over the issue of kashmir and want to resolve this issue through talks and negotiations.
    Though after getting evidence that pakistan plan and support terrorism activity against India in thier soil USA still support pakistan through given massive assistance in form of financial support recently

    Sir now i didnt get any idea what to write and how to write
    " u can help here i m in confusion"
    Sir im aslo want to what is taht 4 pillars u talk about

  3. Use of 'rather than' is incorrect in first para.

  4. @ Shikka, it is not 'USA' it is US.....they have removed A from it. Similarly 'UN' and not 'UNO'.

  5. Why to blame someone else for something when we ourselves are to be blamed? Did any leader/ Government showed resolve to solve this issue? India is not a pushover but certainly our successive governments have been 'pushing it over'.

  6. History teaches us that we can never trust United States. There has always been a hidden self interest behind their friendship. Right now US is supporting Pakistan because they need their assistance to get something out of their blunder in Afganistan and also they can carry drone attacks along the border areas killing civilians(and sometimes "Terrorist"). In return Pakistan gets the branding "VICTIM OF TERRORISM" by US whenever India put diplomatic pressure on her in international forums. KASHMIR issue has always been the favourite for Pakistan. I am not against resolving issues through dialouges but i believe the COMPOSITE DIALOUGE has been a failure as far as combating cross border terrorisim is concerned. I agree with Anonymous(kindly write ur name). There is nothing we can do about US being friendly to Pakistan. I think the Govt should give top priority to the problems in Inida-Pakistan relation and should take firm and decisive step to reslove it. We cannot let terrorist to kill our beloved every fortnight.

    (Googled)Four pillars of US Kashmir policy:

    1.Respect for Line of Control.
    2.Ending support for Third-party violence.
    3.Negotiations between India and Pakistan.
    4.Addressing the concern of Kashmiris by the Indian Govt.

  7. The only guiding motive of US foreign policy is its own economic n hegemonistic intrest....during cold war era it supported Pakistan to combat China n kept distance from India for its being pro if US is turning towards India thts becoz of big market n sumwhr to put a check on rising China power....u can't trust US or any other country say China blindly in foreign policy....latest u turn of US in g-8 summit regarding ENR is the proof....we have to be more determin in solving our border problems n tht too not in a compromising manner.