Sunday, July 26, 2009


Use of Information technology to facilitate government functions is known as e governance.In the present decade much effort has been put to maximize the benefits of information technology to ensure good governance in central, state, district and even block level.Experience from successes as well as failures of the government projects is helping to shape up the e governance strategy of the government.

The benefits of Information Technology in governance are plenty.It not only speeds up the service delivery procedure but also enhances the efficiency of administration.Moreover in increases transparency in the government wings and reduces communication cost and time.E governance is here to stay and with digitization of most of the government records and documents, the future of e governance in India looks to be bright.

The e governance projects of the government are being implemented through National E governance Plan.To make the services more effective and citizen centric the Department of Information Technology has set up Center for E Governance(CEG).SWAN or State Wide Area Network is an ambitious programme og the government to connect as many as 742 Points of Presence(PoP) with connection speed upto 2 mbps.Almost all the states in the country have their e governance portals.Portals like Bhoomi,E-seva,Lok Mitra have already earned much accolades for their effective role in ensuring good governance.

Information kiosks are being developed in the block level so as to provide make the necessary informations available at the fingertips of the rural people and to reduce the digital divide.A thoroughly checked Treasury Management System has been developed to make government transactions more transparent and less time taking.The election procedure has been made simple by using Information Technology.Communiction cells are being run with to act as interface between government and the citizens.

It is too early to prepare a score card of the government on the progress of e governance.It must be remembered that e governance is not about hardware,software or internet as popular perception goes.Rather it is a strategy, it is about people and processes, government and services.The success of such ambitious strategy can be ensured only with peoples participation,better initiative and thorough training which might take a long time to materialize.


  1. An interesting development in field of governance in form of e-governace which reduces time for lenghty procedure and provide services in efficient manner. It make governace of country citizen friendly which bring people trust in govermental decisions and help to create positive environment towards government.It not only reduces cost but also work in speed which really boost the governance process.

  2. Well said; nice and to the point.Anyone else?

  3. Sir,

    basically i am software engineer on 28 i have only 1 attempt for me that is on 2010.
    can any once suggest me ,
    1. how long(period) the preperation is required to clear ias exam(prelims and mains) if i start prepearation from now(from Aug 1 2009),
    2. can i prepare the exam without coaching
    3. please tell me the syllabus and text books where can i get in chennai

    Please could you suggest me on this.

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  4. Dear Sudhakar, Just ask yourself if u can do it.If the answer is affirmative, let the world go to hell, fight against every odd, fight against the fact that u have just one attempt left.Just think that u have to get it.Go, get it,man.And regarding the books, send me an email so that i can answer your queries there.

  5. I completely agree with this article.Especially with this point" The success of such ambitious strategy can be ensured only with peoples participation,better initiative and thorough training which might take a long time to materialize."

    Inorder to get a good success rate in this project.We need to implemnet IT education for common people and compulsory IT subjects in school as a part of their curriculum .So that future india will be aware of E-governance and easy access to it.Thus we can expcet a fruit full result in this ambitious project.So far only few states like kerala had included IT in their school curriculum.Central government should join hands with states government to achive this goal.