Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chola Dynasty

  • Cholas were the feaudatories of Pallavas of Kanchi
  • Chola kings took high sounding titles likes Chakrobortygal
  • Idols of kings and queens were installed in the temples
  • The great Chola army was known as Nam Rukai Mahasenai or the army with three wings-elephantry,Infantry and cavalry
  • Kadagam was thr army training and Kaikkolar was army
  • Kudavolai was the pot ticket system for selection of members
  • Even people belonging to the lower castes were allowed to be the members of the assemblies
  • Rajadhiraja was killed by Someswara of wester chalukya in the battlefield and his son Rajendra II was declared to be the king on the battlefield whereas Adhirajadhiraja was killed by a mob
  • Rajaraja I started survey of land
  • Salabhoga was educational grant
  • Adiperukku was the most important festival.It marked floods in Kaveri
  • Kulotunga I conquered Andhra
  • Rajaraja Chola conquered nothern Ceylon and made Polonnaruva the capital of that part
  • Slavery existed during the period
  • Sanskrit was a language of the Brahmins
  • Suryavarman II, a contemporary of Rajaraja Chola built the Ankot Bhat temple in Cambodia
  • Rajaraja Chola defeated Cera, Pandya and Kerala and adopted the title Mummudi Chola
  • Apastamba was known as South Indian Manu

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