Friday, April 24, 2009

History- Gupta Age-Some High Frequency Questions Part I

  • Guptas belonged to Dharana gotra
  • Pushyavarman, a Kamprupa ruler placed as the ruler of North eastern part of the empire
  • The poetic work"Krishna Charitam" is supposed to have been written by Samudragupta and for his poetic brilliance he got the title"Kaviraja"
  • Some of the famous inscriptions of Kumaragupta were Bilsad, Damodarpur,Karmandaka ,Mandasore
  • The Eran insciption(510 AD)is the first reference to Sati in India
  • Yashodharman of Malwa defeated Mihirkula who then retreated to Kashmir and there he embraced Shaivism
  • Apart from Chandragupta II Skandagupta also took the title Vikramaditya
  • Samudragupta and Skandagupta both performed ashwamedha yajna
  • Rulers after Skandagupta Purugupta-Buddhagupta-Vanyagupta-Bhanugupta-Narasimhagupta-KumaraguptaII-Vishnugupta
  • Aprahata-Forest land
  • Nivi Dharma-Land endowment in perpetuity
  • Talavataka was village accountant
  • According to Visakhadutta Vasana the saka ruler killed Ramagupta
  • Allhabad pillar inscription is the first epigraphic evidence of zero
  • The term Bhukti first apeared in the Bhojdeva inscription of Gwalior
  • Tadaga was a reservoir
  • Audrangika collected the King's share in kind
  • Nivartana, Dronavapa, Kulavapa were all units of measurement
  • Total 42 inscriptions of this age are found with maximum belonging to Kumaragupta
  • The great boar image was installed at the gate of Udaygiri
  • Kumaragupta is said to have embraced Buddhism towards the end of his reign
  • Samudragupta sent an embassy to China in 361 AD and Skandagupta sent an embassy to China
  • Mahapratihara was the palace guard
  • Gadhiya was a series of coins during this period
  • Fields owned by cultivators themselves were known as Kutumba Kshetra
  • Dandin wrote Dasakumaracharita
  • Bhattin wrote Ravanabadha
  • According to T'sing Srigupta built a temple for the chinese pilgrims at Mrigashikhavahana
  • Toramana was converted to jainism
  • Earliest evidence of temple prostitution in India, Ramgarh inscription
  • Narada smriti talks about 15 kinds of slaves
  • Drangik-Official for collection of custom duties
  • Yajnavalka Smriti was the official lawbook of the Guptas
  • Kulika-Guild of artisans

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