Tuesday, April 21, 2009

History Quiz 3-Mughal India-Shah jahan, Aurangzeb, Mughal society

  1. Which foreigner gives a vivid account of the famine prevailing during Shah Jahan's rule?
  2. Which governor of Kandhar defected to the Mughal side to give them the authority over Kandhar?
  3. Who led the Kandhar mission in 1638?
  4. Which Jat ruler exhumed the tomb of Akbar?
  5. When did Aurangzeb decalre that all the Karoris must be Mislims?
  6. Which Rajput ruler has been called as" key to Aurangzeb's brain" by Khafi khan?
  7. Which famous Sufi saint was persecuted by Aurangzeb?
  8. Which Baluch leader betrayed Darah after the batttle of Deoriah?
  9. Who wrote under the pen name of "Makhfi"?
  10. What was Ashrafi during the Mughal period?
  11. Where in India the largest ship building factory located during the Mughal reign?
  12. What was Shah Rukhi during the Mughal period?
  13. In which century was tobacco imported in India for the first time?
  14. What was Dadni?
  15. What was Katraparcha?
  16. What was "Wazifa"?
  17. Which traveller stated that there was no middle class in India during the Mughal period?
  18. What was Zartari?
  19. Which was the most important industry during the Mughal rule?
  20. Who created the post of Amin?

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