Wednesday, April 22, 2009


  • Lothal is situated on the banks of river Bhogao
  • Chanhudaro is the only IVC site to have curved bricks
  • Kalibangan is the only IVC site to yield ornamental bricks, cylindrical granary and camel's bones
  • The smallest IVC site Alla Dinho was discovered by Fairservice and it yields a distribution centre and
  • A jewellery hoard
  • Evidence of corbelled odrain in Mohenjodaro
  • In Ropar we find the evidence of burial of dog along with the master
  • Bruce Foote is known as "the father of Indian prehistory"
  • From Nippur in Mesopotamia we find Harappan seals bearing the image of unicorn
  • Evidence of horse from Surkotoda, Ropar,Lothal,Kalibangan, Rana Ghundai and Harappa
  • Evidence of bones of rhinoceros from Amri
  • Silver made its first appearance in IVC
  • First fortified town in IVC was Ropar
  • Brahui in Pakistan is the tribe believed to be the descendants of the Mohenjodaro people
  • In Kalibangan and Rangpur no evidence of Mother Godess was found
  • Farmana Khas is the latest Harappan site to be discovered
  • Tiger seal is found at Banawali and button seal at Lothal
  • Granary was the largest of all IVC buildings
  • From Banawali a touchstone and a bronze chariot are found
  • In Lothal doors and windows open by roads and not by lanes unlike other sites
  • ‘Hakra Ware’ is found in Rakhigarhi
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