Sunday, April 19, 2009

History Quiz Part 2 Mughal Period Babur to Akbar including religion and administration

1>What was Hemu's post under Adil Shah Suri?

2>Who were Shahbandis during Akbar?

3>Which provinces were given to Askari and Hindal resectively by Babur ?

4>Who led the campaign of Kangra fort during Jahangir's reign?

5>When did Akbar reimpose Jeziyah?

6>Which Suri ruler codified the Muslim law?

7>What was "Muqtai" during the Mughal period?

8>Who was the opponent of Sher Shah in the battle of Kalinjar?

9>What was "Rekh"?

10>To Which foreigner did Jahangir give the title "Khan"?

11>Who wrote "Jahangir's India"?

12>Where was Akbar coronated?

13>Who started Duh Aspa Seh Aspa system?

14>What was the original name of Birbal?

15>What was the function of Dewan-i-tan and Dewan-i-maal respectively?

16>When was the Ilahi Era started by Akbar?

17>What was Altamagha?

18>Who were Dakhili?

19>During the rule of Sher Shah what was the stae demand of revenue in Multan?

20>Who was the only Hindu to accept Din-i-Ilahi?

21>Who wrote the book"Khair Ul Baiyan?

22>Who was the military general of Rana Pratap Singh?

23>Which ruler was also known as "Kika"?

24>Which city was named Janatabad by Humayun?

25>Which was the first Indian fort captured by Babur?

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