Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daily Dose

  1. Kerala has the highest number of Christians in India
  2. Koneru Hampi was the first Indian woman Grandmaster
  3. India's first Apparel Park in Tirupur
  4. Rainbow Revolution aims at overall development of agriculture
  5. Nitin Shrivastav became the first Indian to represent Australia in olympics in 2008
  6. Fahmida Mirza recently became the first woman elected speaker of Pakistan
  7. Shine is the latest portal launched by Yahoo group for women
  8. India recently signed Bilateral Investment Promotion Agreement with Myanmar
  9. Russian company Gazprom has signed a partnership with Gas Authority of India Ltd(GAIL)
  10. Nokia is setting up a manufacturing plant in Chennai
  11. TCS has set up European Software Development Centre(ESDC) in Budapest, Hungary
  12. India funds a chair in the honour of Jawaharlal Nehru in Cambridge
  13. Maria Rene Cura an Argentine author ran a centre devoted to India named Ananda Bhawan
  14. Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre is in Mauritius
  15. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor , financially and technologically supported ny Japan will pass through Delhi, Haryana, UP,Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra.Govt Of India has 49% stake in it whereas IL&FS has 41% and IDFC has 10%.The maximun part of the proposed corridor will pass through Rajasthan
  16. Amarpura in Rajasthan has been decared as India's first millennium village by the United Nations as part of its Millennium goal.
  17. Cape Verde is the latest entrant in WTO(153 rd)
  18. World's first museum dedicated to Prophet Mohd has been set up in Dubai
  19. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of Knowledge Commission, India is the recipient of the first Annual Global Indian Award
  20. "Unaccostomed Eath" is the latest novel of Jhumpa Lahiri

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