Monday, April 27, 2009

MAURYAN AGE-facts you must know

  • Diodorus's account was the earliest foreign account on India and it was written in Latin whereas Arrian's account was the latest and it was written in Greek
  • Dasaratha also adopted the title piyadassi
  • Radhagupta helped Asoka in his battle against his brothers
  • Selukos Samvat-312 BC
  • Asoka's wife Tissarakha killed the Bodhi tree as she was jealous and felt his husband was spending more time with the tree
  • Arthashastra was the first written evidence of census in the world
  • Adeva matraka meant the land which needed no irrigation
  • Asoka's mother was Subhadrangi
  • Justin stated that Chandragupta met Alexander whereas Strabo tells that Chandragupta developed marital relation with CelukosMashaka was copper coin
  • During Asoka the name of Barabara hills was Khalantika
  • In the edict of Lauriya nandangirh there was a single lion in the capital whereas Lauriya araraj had Garuda as the capital
  • I'Tsing saw Asoka's statue in monk's garb
  • Asoka's daughter Charumati was married to Nepala king Devpala
  • Yona meant Greek
  • Nanda army in the war against the Mauryas was led by Bhaddassala
  • Vishnu Purana talks about the Mauryans
  • According to Parishista Parvana the Parvataka sect made an alliance with Chandragupta to depose the Nandas
  • Bivita was cattle tax whereas Set was irrigation tax
  • Pingalvatsa an Ajivika fortune teller first told Bindusara that one day Asoka will be the king
  • The Sohugara edict talks about famine during Asoka
  • Kautilya talks about 15 mixed classes or Antyavasinas
  • Megasthenes calls Shiva as Dionysus and Krishna as Heracles
  • The name Asoka can be found in Maski, Gujjara and Nettur edicts
  • The philosophers were exempted from taxation
  • In the Bhabru edict Asoka declares his faith for Buddhism
  • Errgundi was the only place where both major and minor edicts of Asoka can be found

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