Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 1

Hi guys, hope u like my articles in my other blog@ suggestion from you is always welcome and from now onwards I'll start a different approach while catering to your needs.I will write a weekly article in my other blog whereas I'll try to present 10 interesting questions here regularly.This questions will help you to hone your GK skills and might be useful for various competitive exams.I'll put some current affairs questions as well so that you can keep in touch with the current events.Please help me to improve this blog by giving constructive suggestions.The answers of the questions asked will be given in the next day.So here we go...

1>Name the person who is the recipient of both Bharat Ratna and Nishan-e-Pakistan , the highest civilian awards of the two countries respectively?

2>Which is the Indian state with no home guards?

3>Footsie is the Stock market index of which stock market?

4>In 2008 where was World Social Forum held?

5>Name the Nobel Prize winner to star in world cup football?

6>Who was the first British PM to come to India?

7>Which port in India is the top traffic handler?

8>Which is the largest circulated daily in the world?

9>Where and when was the first telecom exchange in India established?

10>Bobby Fischer, the famosu Chess player hailed from which country?


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