Tuesday, April 28, 2009


  • The 1st world Punjabi Conference was held in Chandigarh in Mrach 2008
  • The first weekday after Christmas is known as Boxing Day
  • Venezuela means little Venice
  • Benazir Bhutto's posthumous memoir"Reconciliation:Islam, Democracy and the west"
  • 7th IIM is now functional at Shillong and it is named after Rajiv Gandhi
  • Monopsony is the situation when there is just one buyer in the market
  • Smallest nation in the world after Vatican City is Monaco
  • Arthur C Clark was a citizen of SriLanka
  • World's first Youth Olympics will be hosted in Singapore in 2010
  • USA gave the women the Right to Vote in 1920
  • BHP Billiton is the world's biggest mining company
  • Martin Luther King made his famous "Mountaintop" speech on the day before being assassinated
  • World's biggest sea bridge on Yangtze River,China
  • Recently Virgin Airlines started flights run on biofuel
  • Recently Rabbit fever hit Thailand
  • Europe's largest IT Farm- Capgemini
  • Asteroids are located between Mars and Jupiter
  • UK will soon introduce migration tax
  • Apart from Tibet Lamaism is practiced in Mongolia as well
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the first American to win Nobel Peace Prize
  • Urban VII, the Pope held office for just 12 days
  • Cheryl Bart and Nykki became the first Mother daughter in the world to climb Mt.Everest
  • Martin Cooper invented Mobile phone

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