Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crossing the preliminary barrier- some FAQs

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well and good to go for the coming Civil Services Preliminary Examination.As you prepare,most of you must be searching tons of books and websites to get various data related to different subjects ,be it GK, Current affairs or optional subjects.I am trying my level best to share with you the materials which I have prepared for myself.The history materials that I am providing here have been prepared after ransacking books of authors like Satish Chandra, JL Mehta, DN Jha, Bipan Chandra, Romila Thapar, Sumit Sarkar and helped me to fectch more than 90 in my optional.Don't forget to read the guide book of Agnihotri as well.Some of the chapters in the book truly deserve praise.Another question that comes up on mind is what is the cut off marks in preliminary examination.There are various rumors about it and be sure most of it are untrue and intended to divert your attention.I have myself cleared PT twice and in the first case I score 90+ in optional and 85 in GS.However the parameters have changed drastically since the introduction of negative marking.Believe me guys I scored just 66 in GS last time and 78 in optional(History) last year and it was enough to sail me through.I have friends who scored even less and they also made it(I am talking about the unreserved category, mind it).So dont think that you have to score 90+ in both GS and Optional subjects to clear the preliminary examination.That is an age old concept completely outdated in the era of negative marking.Below I am providing links for some useful websites.Hope you like it. (Click on the Digital Frontline Free Download box)

Hats off to the generosity of the people who developed such wonderful sites for CSE aspirants.Now kust about 3 weeks left for the Big day.Give it the best shot of your life.Cheers.

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