Sunday, April 26, 2009


  1. Colony Collapse Disorder was recently in news.It is the disappearance of honeybees and the collapse of their communities due to environmental change
  2. In Rome a meeting between the finance ministers of the G7 countries held in February 2009 in regard to the economical crisis
  3. Recently China's first lunar probe Change 1 impacted moon
  4. There are total 22 telecom circles in India
  5. Kepler is NASA's telescope to search for life in th corner of Galaxy
  6. Recently bush fire killed 200 people in Victoria of Australia
  7. Residex defines the land prices index
  8. Recently R.K.Raghavan Committee was appointed to probe into ragging related problems
  9. Dell recently shifted its European base of operation from Ireland to Polland
  10. JP Morgan has recently taken over major stakes of Washington Mutual Inc
  11. Centurion Bank of Punjab has been taken over by HDFC
  12. Bangladesh Rifles(BDR) was created by the British in 1775.Then its name was Ramgarh Local Battalion
  13. Haruhiko Kuroda is the President of Asian Development Bank
  14. Project 17 A was recently in news .It is India's biggest ever naval purchase, Rs 17,000 cr purchase to build 7 Stealth frigates
  15. King Abdul Khalid International Airport, Riyadh is the largest airport in the world
  16. Hudson bay , Northern Canada is the largest bay in the world
  17. Masjid al-Haram, Mecca, 356,800 m2 is the largest mosque in the world
  18. On march 30, 2009, Arab League Summit was held atDoha, Qatar
  19. China is the world’s top greenhouse gas polluter
  20. India’s Hetul shah (age 9 years) became the youngest in the world to beat a Grandmaster. He defeated Kazhakhastan’s Nurlan Ibrayev.

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