Saturday, April 18, 2009

History Quiz Part 1 Delhi Sultanate Special

Keeping in mind the importance of History as an optional Subject in Civil Services and other examinations, I'll publish some selected questions which I am sure will benefit you in many ways.Once the preliminary examination of Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC is over , I'll publish some articles on important topics in my other blogs. So keep reading.

1>Who was the first Muslim to translate Sanskrit work into Persian?

2>What was the subject of the famous book Niyamat Namah?

3>Who built Madrasah-i-Muizzi?

4>Gulrukhi was the pen name of which Medieval ruler?

5>By which name Nizamuddin Auliya used to call Amir Khasrau?

6>Which was the first example of double domed tomb in India?

7>In which book we find the first literary description of spinning wheel?

8>Which ruler separated Jeziyah from Kharaj?

9>Who wrote Adab-Ul-Harb?

10>Who created the post of Dewan- i- Mushtaqraaj?

11>The Department Dewan -i-waqoof was created by whom?

12>Who was the only Hindu convert to sit on the throne of Delhi Sultanate?

13>Who was the first Mongol ruler to invade India and during whose rule?

14>Who was the ruler when Amir Timur invaded India?

15>Who bulit Sultan Garhi?

16>What name was given to Chittor after it was defeated by Alauddin Khalji?

17>Which Medieval ruler devised a Famine Code?

18>The city Adilabad was built by which medieval ruler?

19>The third battle of Tarain was fought between whom?

20>During whose rule an embassy was sent to Halaku Khan?

21>Which medieval ruler used to call himself Yamini Khilafat?

22>Under which general the Mongols first invaded Delhi?

23>Who imposed Jeziyah on the Brahmins?

24>Who wrote the book Twarikh-i-yamini?

25>Who was the first Muslim ruler to adopt the title"Sultan"?

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