Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mega Quiz 1

1>Which is the world's first certified green airport?

2>Who holds the record for delivering the longest speech in history?

3>Which country has recently decided to come out of OPEC?

4>What is the name of India's research station at Arctic?

5>Which is the only floating national park in the world?

6>"Project Arrow"- aims at revamping the ____ system of the country>Fill in the blanks.

7>Who was the highest scorer in Euro 2008?

8>Which is presently the fastest super computer in the world?

9>What is "Seigniorage"?

10>Name India's only amphibian warship.

11>What is Magitti?

12>Which national park in India boasts of the highest tiger population density?

13>Who is presently India's envoy to USA?

14>Name the first Indian to win grammy award.

15>Name Iran's first satellite launched recently.

16>Who is credited for developing Human Development Index?

17>Which is the oldest stock exchange in the world?

18>Which tennis player won all the grand slams in a year twice?

19>Which tennis player won the Golden Grand Slam?

20>Who was the first black tennis player to win Wimbledon?

21>Name India's first cloned animal.

22>Which is the smallest country in EU?

23>Which is the most populous country in EU?

24>What is the new name of Pretoria?

25>Who along with Sabeer Bhatia developed Hotmail?

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