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Histoy-Sangam period and the concluding part of Gupta Period

  • Karaikal , the greatest Chola ruler transferred the capital to Kaveripattinam and he converted the Oliyar community from nomadic to settled life.He also fought a battle at Reuni
  • Perunarkilli,the Chola ruler was the only Chola king to perform Rajsuya yajna
  • Nedunjelian, the Pandya ruler was the hero of Silpapadikaram and he defeated Chola and Chera rulers in the battle of Talaiyangam
  • Ahom was the story of love whereas Puram was the story of battles
  • Thirunavukkarasu coined the term Sangam
  • Thirukural, written by Thiruvaluvar is known as the Bible of the Tamil land and also the 5th Veda
  • Senguttuvan, the Red Chera started Pattini cult was known as Kodal Pirakottiyama and he destroyed the efficacy of sea as a refuge
  • Tolakappiyam was a book on grammer
  • Kadimaram or kavalaram was the worship of tutelary tree
  • Perundevanar translated Mahabharata into Tamil
  • Tamil is the oldest Dravidian language
  • Tolakappiyam is the earliest Tamil literary work extant today
  • Sati or Tippaidal was common
  • Kuppidu-Unit of measurement
  • Nalikal-Unit of time
  • Kalam-Unit of grain
  • Kanam-Gold
  • Velli-Silver
  • Velvi-yajna
  • Kadamai-King's customary tax
  • Variyam-Land yielding tax
  • Variyar-Tax collecting official
  • Alakkus or Ulakku- Revenue measurement
  • Pattinapattu-A work on Kaveripattanam
  • Kalabhras rose against the Brahmins and ended the Sangam period
  • Tirumal was the name of Vishnu
  • Kalanju was a type of gold coin
  • Korkai was known as Kolchi and Mahabalipuram as Melange
  • Malayalam is the latest Dravidian language
  • Spy was known as Orrayiar
  • Nadukkal or virakkal was hero stone
  • Alumbi Vel was revenue accountant
  • Bhasa's Swapnovasavdutta was the earliest Sanskrit drama
  • Earliest evidence of Vishti was in Bhagvata Purana
  • Ritusamhara was the earliest work of Kalidasa
  • Kumardasa wrote Janakiharana
  • Chronlogical order of some Puranas: Manu-Brihaspati-Narada-Katyana-Vayu-Devala
  • Auranasthanika-Officers in charge of wool market during the Gupta period
  • Navaniketan-a book on medicine
  • Vatsvatta wrote the famous Mandasore inscription of Kumargupta
  • Maniyar Math was a circular temple only one of its kind
  • Bhairavi wrote Kiratarjuniyam
  • Yajnavalkya Smriti was the official lawbook of the Guptas
P.S: You should follow D N Jha's Ancient India for Gupta Age and Agnihotri's guidebook for the Sangam age chapter.

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