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Post Mauryan Period

  • Kushanas issued largest variety of coins
  • Artisans and craftsmen were drawn mainly from the Shudras
  • Royal writs of land grants were known as Sasanpatra whereas private writs were caled Lankikalekha or Karyalekha
  • Guilds were not involved in sale or distribution of commodities
  • Kushanas wre the first to issue gold coins on Roman pattern
  • Sind Sauvira was famous for horses and asses
  • Tamil and Chera kingdoms were the first to start trading relation with Rome
  • Cotton clothes of fine quality was known as Monakhe whereas that of coarse quality was known as sagmatogene
  • There was no guild for the carpenters
  • Mercantile cooperation was known as Sreni
  • Conventions of the guilds were knwon as Sthitipatra or Sambhitpatra
  • Mathura inscription states that guilds provided loans against mortgage
  • Jataka tells that there were 18 guilds
  • Wima cadphises converted to saivism and called himself maheswar
  • The official language of the satvahanas was Prakrit with Brahmi as the script
  • Mathura inscription tells us that the guilds provided loans against mortgage
  • Indo-Greeks were the first to issue gold coins
  • Kushanas issued largest number of copper coins
  • Vashisthiputra Pulamayee set up the capital at Pratisthana
  • Begram wa sthe summer capital of the Kushanas
  • Rabatak inscription talks a great deal about the Kushanas
  • Aiteraya Brahmana first talked about the Satvahanas
  • Arikamedu was the first Roman station to be discovered in India
  • Earliest example of Amravati art from Jaggyapeta
  • Oldest Buddha idol from Katra
  • The earliest use of the word "Jati" in Nirukta
  • Stupa at Bahrut was the oldest one
  • Kanishka adopted the title "Kaiser"
  • According to some sources the 3rd Buddhist Council was held in Jalandhar
  • Sarnath Buddhist image inscription of Kanishka talks about dual governorship and two governors of Kanishka-Vanspara and Kharapallana
  • Patanjali was the Chief priest of Pushyamitra Shunga
  • Kharvela, best remembered for the Hatigumpha inscription was the ruler of the Cheta dynasty founded by Mahameghavahana
  • Greeko Bactrian king Antiklidas sent Heliodorous to King Bhagvata, a shunga ruler
  • Different names of different regions-
Mathura- Arjunanya
Beas and Sutlej-Kunindya
Ludhiana, Ambala,Karnal,Hissar,Rohtak- Yaudheya(belonged to the warrior class)
  • Maues was the first saka king
  • St Thomas was killed in Mylapur
  • In the coins of Kanishka, we find the name Boddo for Buddha
  • When the members of higher varna were mortgaged they were known as Ahitaka
  • Malavas started Vikram era in 57 AD
  • Asvaghosha was the first to write play in Sanskrit and Buddhacharita holds the distinction of being the first complete play in Sanskrit.He also wrote Sariputta Prakarana and Ganeshastotra
  • Aziles, a shaka ruler started the Abhishekha Lakshmi coins
  • Arrian's book was also titled Indica
  • In Nanaghat we find the earliest portrait sculptor
  • Bhasha wrote Pratimanataka
  • Nagarjuna was a contemporary of Gautamiputra
  • Gondophernes took the itle Devavrata
  • Patanjali called sakas as anirvasita shudra
  • Kushanas started Devkula or temples holding the names of the kings
  • Greeks started military governorship and such governors were known as Strategors
  • The post Amatya was created by the Satavahanas
  • Cosmos wrote Indicopleustis and Christian Topography

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