Monday, May 4, 2009


  • Windham,Wheeler and Campbell led the repression of 1857 revolt in Kanpur,Hugh Rose in Jhansi,Havlock and Outram in Lucknow,Hewitt in Meerut,Taylor and Eyre in Arrah,Hudson and Nicholson in Delhi and Neil in Beneras
  • 1856 General Enlistment Act made it compulsory for the sipoys to be posted in foreign land
  • Nana Sahib and Begum Hajrat Mahal fled to Nepal, Kunwar Singh was shot dead.
  • Disraeli , a British Parliamentarian called it a National Revolt
  • Actual name of Tantia Topi was Ramchandra Panduranga.He was betrayed by his friend into the hands of the British
  • Khan Bahadur Khan was hanged
  • Nana Sahib's original name was Dhondu Pant
  • Kunwar Singh was a landlord,aged 80 years in 1857
  • Ramtanu Lahiri (1813 – 1898)a pupil of Derozio removed his sacred thread in 1851 and as a teacher became a centre of progressive thoughts
  • Derozio was also actively involved in promoting the welfare of his Eurasian community, and had begun editing a daily English newspaper, The East Indian.
  • Keshab Chandra Sen started The Indian Mirror, an organ of the Brahma Samaj, in 1861, through which he spread anti-sectarian, universal religious ideas. He introduced regular and systematic missionary work in the Samaj.He also started publishing Sulabha Samachar (Cheap News), a weekly costing just a pice, from November 1870
  • In 1881 Keshab officially instituted Nava Bidhan (New Dispensation), a new syncretistic religion based on the union of East and West nspired by Christianity, and Vaishnav bhakti, and Hindu practices
  • Mirza Ghulām Ahmad declared that Jesus (Isa) had in fact survived the crucifixion and later died a natural death, after having migrated towards Srinagar, Kashmir in India and claimed that he had appeared in the spirit and power of Jesus.Ghulam Ahmad founded the Ahmadiyya movement in 1889.
  • Nawab Latif founded Mahamedan Literary Society in 1863
  • KC Sen started Sangat Sabha
  • Lahore Singh Sabha Leaders Gurmukh Singh,Bhai Dit Singh,Teja Singh and Attar Singh
  • Amritsar Singh Sabha-Gyanri Gyan Singh eand Tthakur Singh
  • Sister Subbalakshmi was the first Indian woman to graduate
  • Padmanabhan Pillai started Nair Service Societye in 1914v
  • Dhondho Keshav Karve started first womens university in Bombay in 1916
  • Mary Carpenter wrote the biography of Rammohan Roy
  • Arundale Committee proposed changes in the Age of Consent Act in 1906
  • Gopal Walangkar was the first prominent Mahar Leader
  • Muthulakshmi Reddy was the first Woman legislator(Madras Legislative Council, 1916)
  • Zakah Ullah started Delhi Urdu Renaissance
  • TK Mahadevan started SNDP Yogam
  • NM Joshi in 1911 started Social Service League
  • Annie Besant started Indian Boy Scouts Association in 1917

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