Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Bhutan, one of the neighbors of India holds a key position in India's foreign policy in the neighborhood.A buffer state between India and China, Bhutan is strategically,militarily and economically an important neighbor of India
India and Bhutan signed a Treaty of Friendship in 1949 calling for peace and non interference.The Treaty also established free trade and extradition protocols.The Treaty was modified in 2007 .The new treaty replaced the provision requiring Bhutan to take India's guidance on foreign policy with broader sovereignty and not require Bhutan to obtain India's permission over arms imports.
Recently while Bhutan became a democracy, India welcomed the decision and pledged to provide support to the newly formed democracy.
India is a key player in shaping up Bhutan's economy.India is Bhutan's largest trading partner.Indian Border Roads Organization assists Bhutan to construct roads especially in border areas.The railway link between Phunt Shoeling in Bhutan and Hashimara in India was developed to commemorate India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's maiden visit to the Himalayan kingdom.
India has aquired the rights to use hydro power capacities of Bhutan and constructed power projects like Chukha,Tata Power Projects etc.
In the military front the Royal Bhutan Army conducted "Operation All Clear" in 2003-04 to demolish the insurgents camp of Indian separatist organization like ULFA,KLO,NDFB etc.
India has accepted the geo political significance of Bhutan and given due consideration to this neighboring state in her foreign policy.

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