Sunday, May 31, 2009

Problems for the mentally challenged people in India(MAIN 2006)

It is unfortunate that in our country very little efforts have so far been directed towards ameliorating the pangs of the mentally challenged persons who suffer from one or the other deficiencies of the brain or nervous system.Despite lofty private and public promises, the real scenario till date is bleak.
Many factors work behind the scene for such pathetic condition of these unfortunate people.From the social point of view,first and the foremost is of course that they are often looked at derogatorily.Very often even the educated people rather than extending hands of support mock at them.
Lack of facilities for their cure and rehabilitation is another cause for such sorry state of affairs.There are not enough skilled psychiatrists for their treatment.
Lack of family support and right attitude is also an important factor.Very often the parents or other relatives of such people deny taking responsibilities of them and leave them in asylums or other rehabilitation centers where facilities are inadequate and treatment is improper.
It is high time that we understand our failure in providing adequate physical or emotional support to these special people.The NGOs must take a positive role in this regard.Wide campaigning must be done to make people aware that with proper care and treatment such deficiencies can be cured.Last but not the least right use of the government funds and proper allocation to several schemes can improve the physical infrastructure of various asylums and rehabilitation centers.

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