Friday, May 8, 2009


  • Sadat Khan's original name was Mir Md Amin and he got the title Burhaan Ul Mulk
  • He was a Faujdar of Bayana
  • The highest post under Safdarjung was held by a Hindu Nawab Rai
  • Zeech Mohammed Shahi or the Movement of astronomical bodies was a famous astronomical table of Maharaja Swai Jai Singh of Jaipur.He founded Jaipur in 1728
  • Mir Kasim gave the British Midnapore,Chittagong and Burdwan
  • Mir Kasim transferred his capital to Monghyr in 1762
  • Hector Munro led the British Army in the Battle of Buxar
  • Surajmal was known as The Plato of Jat tribe
  • Ghulam Hussein wrote Siyar ul Mukkharein
  • Siraj renamed Calcutta as Alinagar
  • In Feb 1757, Siraj Concluded the Treaty of Alinagar with the British
  • By the Treaty of 1760 Mir Kashim promised to give the British a sum of 5 lakh rupees
  • Shaukat Jung was defeated by Siraj in the Battle of Manihari
  • Amin Chand threatened Clive to leak the conspiracy against Siraj and thus Clive forged a copy of agreement with Amin
  • Ahmad Shah Abdali gave Badan Singh the title Mahendra
  • Haider Ali set up an Arsenal in Dindigul
  • In 1780 Hyder Ali captured Arcot
  • Eyre Coote led English troops in the Battle of Porto Novo in 1780
  • Tipu sanctioned grants for repairing the image of Godess Sarada of the Sringeri Temple
  • Tipu assumed the title Padshah in 1787
  • Battle of Saint Thome was an important event of the First Anglo Carnatic War.There the French troop was led by Capt Paradise whereas the troops of the nawab of Carnatic Anwar ud Din was led by Mahfooz Khan
  • British troops tried to capture Pondicherry during the first Anglo Carnatic War under Rear Admiral Boscawen
  • In 1754 Godeheu replaced Dupleix as the Governor General of all French possessions in India
  • The trio Chanda Sahib,Muzaffar Jung and Dupleix killed Anwar ud Din at the battle of Ambar
  • Eyre Coot led the British troops in the third Anglo Carnatic War whereas Cont de Lally led the French troops.British navy was led by Pocock and French navy by D'Ache
  • One notable military advance championed by Tipu Sultan was the use of mass attacks with rocket brigades, called kushoons, in the army
  • During his rule, Tippu Sultan laid the foundation for a dam where the famous Krishna Raja Sagara Dam across the river Cauvery was later built.
  • During the first Anglo Mysore war the British troops were led by Colonel Smith and during the second war they were led by Eyre Coote whereas Lord Cornwallis led in the third battle
  • Tipu was well versed in Arabic,Urdu,Persian and Kannada
  • The Battle of Bedara (25 November 1759) was fought between the British & Mir Jafar along with the help of Dutch (for financial obligations to East India Company). In this battle, latter was completely & decisively defeated by the British

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