Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The outcome of the third battle of Panipat has been a subject of much debate, with the Maratha historians claiming that the crushing defeat of the Marathas did not eventually lead to the fall of the Maratha power in India and except the loss of many lives it did not have any far reaching effect.They argue, Ahmad Shah Abdali could not gain much in the Indian context even after a thumping victory in the battle.
The claim however seems unreasonable.Although it is true that the victory did not ensure Abdali an empire in India, but it is in fact undeniable that the battle proved to be a disaster in many ways.As the Marathas after the defeat were left with no leader except the unscrupulous Raghunath Rao,their dream of establishing an all India empire was crushed.
Moreover, their defeat ensured a faster rise of the British power in India as there was no other power to confront the British might.It would not be wrong to say that if the battle of Panipat although indirectly was no less significant for the ascendence of British power in India than the battle of Plassey or Buxar.
Thus the battle certainly lowered the Maratha presige in Indian politics and left a far reaching impact in the Indian political scenario.

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