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Please refer to the earlier articles published on the two chapters for detailed informations.This article includes informations on famine,education and press control.
  • Lytton was a reputed poet,novelist,essayist and known to the literary world as
    "Owen Meredith"
  • Lytton took steps to promote free trade
  • Lytton started Statutory Civil Service,one sixth of the total appoinments,recommended by provincial governments,confirmed by the Secretary of State and less salary than covenanted civil service
  • Clive started a society of trade in 1765 with monopoly of trade in tobacco,betel nut and salt
  • Warren Hastings was impeached by the British Parliament
  • Hastings removed censorship of press
  • Dalhousie placed Bengal under a lieutenant governor, started centralized government known as Non regulation control and appointed a commissioner for newly acquired territories
  • Lord Mayo started financial devolution
  • With Maratha and Jat help Safdarjung liquidated the Afghan Bangash
  • In 1612 Vijaynagar king Venkata II permitted Raja Woodeyar to assume the title of Raja of Mysore
  • Tipu sent emissaries to France,Iran,Arab,Turkey and Pegu
  • Vansittart was the governor of Calcutta from 1760 to 1765
  • After the second Anglo- Carnatic war Mohd Ali was installed by the British as Nawab of Carnatic
  • Mir Jafar gave the compant the district of 24 parganas
  • Jachendars were the examiners of fabric
  • The Act of 1935 divided British India into 11 Governor's provinces and 5 Chief Commissioner's provinces
  • Campbell famine Commission- after 1866 Orissa famine
  • Stratchey Commission-after 1876 famine which affected Maharashtra,UP,Punjab and Madras
  • Lyall Commission in 1898 after the 1896 famine which mostly affected CP
  • Mcdonell commission in 1901 appointed by Curzon suggested Moral Strategy to combat famines
  • Famine Code in 1883
  • Censorship of Press Act-1799-a>The newspapers had to carry the name of the publishers,printer, editor b>Pre censorship of the newspapers
  • Jonh Adams started Licensing of Press act, 1823 a>License for press b>Penalty for publishing without license c>The Governor General could seize the licence
  • Vernacular Press Act under Lytton a>The District Magistrate could ask for security for a press b>No appeal before any court of law
  • Newspapers Act 1908 a>Local govt could confiscate the properties of press b>the aggrieved parties could go to the High Court within 15 days
  • Indian Press Act ,1910>Local govt empowered to demand registration security b>Aggrieved party could go to special tribunal of High Court
  • Indian Press Emergency Act 1931, The Press Objectionable Matters Act 1951
  • Bankim Chndra published Bangadarshan
  • Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar started Som Prokash
  • Wood's despatch was known as Magna Carta of Indian education
  • Raleigh Commission was also known as Indian Universities Commission,1902.It resulted in the Indian Universities Act, 1904, with more govt control on the universities, affiliation of colleges, no of fellows in a university 50-100 and duration 6 years, to be nominated by the govt.
  • Hunter Commission, 1882.
  • Zia uddin Ahmad and Ashutosh Mukerjee were the Indian members of Sadler Commission,1917.It recommended 12 years of basic education and 3 yrs of graduation, honours and pass course,boards for secondary and intermediate schools
  • Hartog committee, 1929
  • Sergeant Plan-1944.Recommended free and compulsory education for 6-11 yrs of age.
  • Wardha scheme of basic education, 1937

Education resolution 1913
Dept of education 1910


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