Tuesday, May 5, 2009


  • Collectors were appointed during Warren Hastings
  • When Hastings resigned Clavering was to become his successor.He even took oath.
  • Cole brook and William Jones codified the Hindu Law
  • With the help of Colonel Sleeman Bentinck suppressed the Thuggis
  • In 1850 Sikkim was annexed by Dalhousie
  • Annexation of Lower Burma or Pegu in 1852
  • Lord Amherst captured Bharatpur in 1826
  • Wasil, Chitu and Karim Khan led the Pindaris.They were suppressed by Hastings
  • Dalhousie concluded a treaty with the Nizam in 1853 by which Berar was ceded to the company
  • Anglo Bhutanese war during Lord Lawrence
  • State Railways were started during Lord Mayo
  • Dept of Agriculture and Commerce was started during Mayo
  • Initially railway was started by private parties
  • Lytton started Statutory Civil Service
  • In 1886 during the tenure of Lord Duffin,Aichinson Commission was appointed on Civil Services
  • Rendition of Mysore by Ripon
  • Bentinck created the post of Commissioners
  • Indian Post and Telegraph Act-1854
  • Abolition of Slavery by Ellenbrough
  • Lord Hardinge-ban on female infanticide and human sacrifice,First Anglo sikh war
  • First Anglo Afghan War- During Lord Auckland and Second during Lord Lytton
  • PWD was formed during Dalhousie
  • Cornwalis separated Revenue from administration and abolished the judicial power of the collectors
  • During Warren Hastings treasury was transferred to Calcutta from Murshidabad
  • Rohilla war in 1774.Their leader Hafiz Rehmat KhanThe decisive battle was fought in Miranpur
  • Warren Hastings was expert in Arabic,Persian and could speak in Bengali.He patronised oriental Learning
  • During Cornwalis provincial courts were established in Valcutta,Dacca,Murshidabad and Patna.In certain cases such courts even had original jurisdiction
  • John Shore and James Grant helped Cornwallis in evolving the Permanent Settlement
  • Wellesley called himself Bengal tiger
  • Wellesley sent Mehdi Ali Khan as envoy to Persia
  • Bentinck regularised and licensed opium trade and export
  • Bentick signed a treaty of perpetual friendship with Ranjit Singh
  • Lytton patronised free trade and abolished duties on many products like sugar,clothings,drills etc.


  1. nice blog...

    im myself a civil service aspirant..
    i really appreciate ur initiative of helping others while preparing urself...

    im an 3rd yr engg student from delhi my optionals r pub admin and psychology,,,preparing for 2010 ..
    wat r ur optionals ..????

  2. Hi Saras, myself in State Civil services and ranked first in 2006 in west bengal.My optionals are history and veterinary science

  3. Hi Saptarshi,

    It is just good to see that you are taking time out for other aspirants and helping them.
    Thanks for all your help.

    Currently i am working in IT industry and targeting 2010 exams.
    I am thinking of taking Geography and Sociology as my subjects. Please advice considering that i have science background all the way.

    I am B.Tech Computer science.