Sunday, May 3, 2009


  • Fazlul Haq wrote "Muslim Sufferings under Congress rule"
  • In 1936 a Parliamentary sub committee was formed with Maulana Abul Kalam, Azad,Sardar Patel and Rajendra Prasad
  • A labor inquiry committee was formed in 1938 with Rajendra Prasad as its Chairman
  • In 1933 Satyamurthy founded Madras Swaraj Party
  • Wrdha Scheme of Basic Education in 1937 by Zakir Hussain
  • Ambedkar party was Independent Labour Party
  • Motilal Nehru and Tej Bahadur Sapru drafted Nehru Report
  • All Parties Conference in 1928 in Delhi under the presidentship of M A Ansari
  • National Defence Council in 1941
  • The famous Lahore Resolution in 1940 drafted by Sikander Hayat Khan, moved by Fazulul Haq and seconded ny Khaliqwajjam
  • Fazulul Haq started Awami League
  • Rabindranath showed concern for socialism in Russia
  • Justice Part and Unionist Party supported Simon Commission
  • Rajendra Prasad replaced Subhash as the President of Congress in 1939.Initially MAKA was the third choice but he withdrew.
  • In Tripuri Congress GB Pant moved the resolution prefessing full support to the old working committee
  • Complete Independence was accepted as a goal of Congress in Ramgarh session, 1940
  • First Parallel government during Quit India Movement was at Balia by Chitu Pande while the longest running governmnet was at Satara
  • Bulabhai Desai and C Rajagopalachari resigned from Congress in oppsition to Quit India Movement
  • Nehru although initially had reservations about Quit India Movement, moved the main resolution later
  • Subhash Bose presided over Anti Compromise alongside Ramgarh session of Congress to denounce Gandhian leadership
  • Business communities stayed aloof from QIM
  • In Cuttack Rakta Vahini was ormed during QIM while in Tamluk Vidyut Vahini was formed
  • When Gandhiji was arrested in 1942, KG Mashruwalah became the editor of Harijan
  • In 1941 Fazulul Haq fomed a coalition with ShyamaPrasad Mukherjee and thus ousted from Muslim League
  • Nani Patil took the help of a dacoit Megzi

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