Friday, May 1, 2009

The D Day- 2 weeks away

Hi guys, it is good to know that this blog is inviting more and more readers everyday.Although it is still in its nascent phase, I hope my work will continue to grow everyday with your support,suggestions and wishes.You can understand that my optional in Preliminary is History.Thats why so far I have added study materials for History optional only along with the General Studies paper which is common for all.But i hope very soon I shall be able to add study materials of other optionals as well.Regarding the GS paper, I have uploaded my available resources for Current Affairs.Only a few parts of India Year Book Selective Readings and some informations from current events are left.I have just started adding the materials for Geography and it will continue for the next one week after that I will upload selective informations from Polity and Economy sections.Hope you stay with me always.Keep reading my blog.Thanks and Regards.

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