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  1. Lingusur was the first neolithic site in India
  2. Pallavaram was the first neolithic site in India
  3. Man started the use of fire in mesolithic age
  4. Shishunaga transferred the capital of Magadh to Vaishali but Kalashoka transferred it permanently to Patliputra
  5. The doctrine of Trimurti can be found in Maitreyani upanishad
  6. Sautramani was a soma drinking festival
  7. "No one is above the Kshatriyas"- Vrihadryanka upanishad
  8. Malavas started Vikram era in 57 AD
  9. Pravarsena Vakataka wrote Setubandha and Vatsbhatti wrote the Mandasore inscription
  10. Cylindrical granary was found in Kalibangan
  11. Auranasthanikas were the officers in cahrge of the wool market during Gupta age
  12. Alexander was injured by the Malavas in the battle of Aspasoi
  13. In Ramayana Magadha was known as Vasumati
  14. Earliest capital of Magadha was Kusugpura.Bimbisar made Rajgir the capital
  15. Agnimitra a Shunga king was the hero of Malavikagnimitram
  16. Ratnavamsin ceremony was a part of Rajasuya yajna
  17. Nagarjuna was a contemporary of Gautamiputra satakarni
  18. Ropar was the first fortified town in Ancient India
  19. In Kalibangan and Rangpur Mother Goddess was not worshipped
  20. Kartipura was the earlier name of Kashmir
  21. Panini hailed from Gandhara,Parsvanath from Benaras,Aryabhatta from Ujjain and Asnaga from Peshwar
  22. Sites of ash mound-Kupgal,Kodekal,Utnur,Pallavoy.Ash mounds refer to the remnants of the settlements of neolithic cattle keepers
  23. Only Harappan site in Afghanistan-Shortugai
  24. Smritis in chronological order Manu-Yajnavalkya-Brihaspati-Narada-Katyana-Vayu-Debala
  25. Nanaghat inscription recorded by Gautamiputra satakarni's mother is the earliest evidence of land grant in India
  26. The Indian deities referred to by Megasthenes as Dionysus and Heracles are Shiva and Krishna
  27. Anticlidas sent Helodorous to King Bhagvata
  28. Kharvela was the ruler of Cheta dynastri founded by Mahameghavahana
  29. Mitakshara commentary on Yajnavalkya sutra was written by Vijnanesvara
  30. Buddha delivered maximum number of sermons at Sravasti
  31. Gatha Sattasai a collection of love lores by Hala of Satvahana dynasty
  32. Upasampada in Buddhism refers to initial conversion
  33. Anguttaranikaya talks about 16 mahajanapadas
  34. The Kushanas assumed divine kingship and started installing the statues of the kings in temples.This is known as Devakula.In the coins of Kushana the word Boddo is found
  35. Bahrut inscription talks about Buddha's meeting with Ajatshatru.In ancient arts Buddha is shown as empty throne
  36. Tundiya and Akasiya in ancient age were two tax collecting officials
  37. Senguttuvan was the real hero of Silpapadikaram
  38. Ulakku or alakkus meant revenue measurement during Chola period
  39. Kalanju was a type of gold coin
  40. Perundevanar translated Mahabharata in Tamil
  41. Mahabalipuram was known as Melange during the sangam age
  42. In Periplus "Damrike" referred to Tamil land
  43. There was no guild for the carpenters during post mauryan era
  44. Coffin burial in Harappa and double burial in Lothal
  45. Dani,Mahadevan,Guntur and Fairservice worked on Harappan script
  46. Alumbi Vel was revenue accountant during Sangam age
  47. Manimekhalai by Sittalai Sattanar deals with Buddhism whereas Jeevakachintamani by Thiruttkkadevar deals with Jainism
  48. Bhagvata Purana is the first literary evidence of Vishti
  49. Ramgrah inscription belonging to the Gupta age is the first litrary evidence of prostitution
  50. The Sarnath image inscription of Kanishka talks about two military generals Vanshpara and Kharapallana.Rabataka iscription also belongs to Kanishka

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