Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My best wishes to all of you for the BIG DAY

Hello guys, hope you are all ready for the big day.Just few days are left and it is better if you don't encumber yourself with new study materials.What is needed at this moment is just going through the already studied materials again and again.Even if your revision is complete don't be complacent because the areas where we are strong, may be neglected in the last moment and that may cause us important marks.For the polity and economy sections I have not yet published any study materials as I think concept building is more important for these areas.For Indian Polity I'll suggest you to go through DD Basu's book and also the special issue of Wizard on Indian Constitution.For economy,any standard book may be recommended.These days hardly a couple of questions are asked from concepts of economy.More importance is given on current economic events, which I have tried to cover in my earlier notes.Solving a few model question papers is not a bad idea at this moment and for that I'll recommend you to visit http://www.careerquizonline.com/free-quiz-online/quiz-index.asp .I hope all of you give your best on the 17th.Just relax and give it the best shot of your life.Chak De.Bye

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