Friday, May 22, 2009


South-South Cooperation is the cooperation among the developing countries of the third world.The collective efforts of the developing nations can be utilized to ensure faster growth of their economies and making their voice heard in every forums of the world, usually dominated by the developed nations.
The sense of brotherhood among the developing nations has given birth to organizations or movements like NAM,SAARC,ASEAN,BRIC.IBSA,MERCOSUR,G-77 etc.Such unity has not only given these nations to unite under a common umbrela but also to raise a collective voice against menaces like poverty,malnutrition,hunger,pollution,terrorism etc.As a result the common grievances of these nations have been given more importance in UN,WTO and other forums.
It is necessary to revoke the myth that cooperation can exist only among the developed nations.The developed nations for long have taken care of their personal interests ignoring the ideals and aspirations of the poorer nations leading to polarisation of the world.South- South Coopration promises to break such polarisation leading to equitable growth for all.India with its arsenal of the largest democracy in the world and being a responsible member of forums like SAARC,ARF, IBSA or BRIC has even greater role to play in this regard.

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